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Sketch Box



A paintbox is a piece of studio equipment that you will come to appreciate as being one of the most important items in your studio. Not only does it contain your brushes, palette, and paints, but it is also in a way the instrument from which you apply all your knowledge. It is the anvil from which a painting is wrought. A sturdy box which is in my preference a bit deeper will function very well. Boxes come in 3", 3 1/2", and 4" in depth. The 4" box will allow for bottles of medium and a palette, plus room in the top of the box for shelves or panels.

DEMCO Hinged Oak Wood Art Box

11 3/4" x 15 1/4" x 3"

Custom Cloverwood Shelf Box

12 7/8" x 16 7/8" x 4"
Handmade Cloverwood box comes with 9 epoxied plexiglass shelves nested in the box lid. Included is 3/8" glass palette, brass hatch closures and brass hinges. Sanded wood finish has 6 coats Polyurethane and neutral grey enamel backs the palette and lid.
Avaiable from $150.00

As demonstrated in these photos, the paintbox can easily rest on the brackets that span the tripod aluminum legs of a stanrite deluxe easel.

The cloverwood Sketch Boxes can are also avaiable unfinished from

Catskill Art and Office Supply

845 331-7780 Nick Peluso

Large Wooden Artist's Paint Box

20-1/2 x 16-3/4 x 3-3/4
15-1/2 x 12 x 3-1/2