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Oil Paints


Oil Paints

Comprehensive Oil Painting Palette:

  1. Cad Yellow Lemon

  2. Cad Yellow Light

  3. Naples Yellow genuine(Windsor Newton)

  4. Yellow Ochre

  5. Cadmium Orange

  6. Raw Sienna

  7. Transparent Oxide Red

  8. Cad Red Light

  9. Cad Red Medium

  10. Venetian Red

  11. Alizarin Crimson

  12. Van Dyck Brown

  13. Viridian

  14. Thalo Green

  15. Ultramarine Blue

  16. Cobalt Blue

  17. Cerulean Blue

  18. Ivory Black

  19. Manganese Violet

  20. Titanium White-(or Permalba)

  21. Titanium Buff

  22. Raw Sienna

  23. Burnt Umber

5 Color Palette:

  1. Cad Yellow Light

  2. Alizarin Crimson

  3. Ultramarine Blue

  4. Thalo Green

  5. Titanium White

Utrecht Oil Paint

Winton Brand Oil Paint

For the sake of simplicity I've only listed two manufacturers, the utrecht paint having more tinting strength due to higher concentration of pure pigment ground into the paint. The Winton brand by Windsor Newton is an afffordable student grade paint that nenvertheless has good tinting strength and brushability. More expensive brands like Old Holland and Sennelier will of course have even more pigment.Oil paint generally comes in two sizes, 37 ml and 200 ml. The larger Studio tubes(200ml) are alot more economical.


Stand Oil Medium:

Stand OilDamar Varnish_ Rectified Turpentine

In equal proportions.(1:1:1)

Substitution of Sun Thickened Linseed Oil for Stand Oil is recommended

Resin Varnish Recipe: 3 parts Damar -1 part Mastic by Volume

100% Damar Varnish may be substituted

prepare varnish as three parts rectified turpentime to one part pulverized dry varnish by volume

Liquin- Windsor Newton product

Maroger Medium:

Maroger is a painting medium develped by Jacques Maroger, based on the emulsifying properties of black oil and damar varnish.Linseed oil is first washed and then is heated with the addition of litharge (lead acetate). This activity saponifies the oil ,infuses the oil with the properties of lead, and renders what is known as black oil. Black oil mixture is then combined with damar resin crystals dissolved in turpentine at 3:1. The chemical reaction results in a gel-like buttery paint medium which is amazing in its brushability,transparency, and its drying speed.

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Old Masters Maroger